Little Black Books by Karen Wallis


Ness of Brodgar Sketchbook 2016  

The 1st year’s residency on the Ness of Brodgar archaeological dig in Orkney.   First printing: 2017




ISBN 978-0-9930523-4-7



£10 plus p&p

Drawing the Development  A 3 year residency at The Holburne Museum in Bath

1st edition: The Holburne Museum: 2011.  2nd edition: Avis Rara: 2014  



ISBN 978-0-9930523-1-6



£10 plus p&p


A residency at Fairfield House in 2012 for the EVA project at Aune Head Arts.   First Printing: 2015





ISBN 978-0-9930523-2-3



£10 plus p&p

The Power of The Sea  Drawings made during The Power of The Sea exhibition at The Royal West of England Academy.                                           First Printing: 2014



ISBN 978-0-9930523-0-9



£10 plus p&p